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158,09 EUR*
Details The Value of Water: Concepts, Estimates, and Applications for Water Managers (Water Research Foundation Report)

The Value of Water If water is essential to life, does this mean that water has infinite value? If water is so clearly linked to our economic and social welfare, then how can water be priced so much lower than gems and precious metals that, while ...

39,99 EUR*
Details Key Concepts in Water Resource Management (Earthscan Water Text)

The vocabulary and discourse of water resource management have expanded vastly in recent years to include an array of new concepts and terminology, such as water security, water productivity, virtual water and water governance. While the new ...

15,13 EUR*
Details The Water Filter Men 10 Pleated Washable Reusable Sediment Water Filter Cartridge 5 Micron Fits All 10 Water Filter Housings by The Water Filter Men

10 Pleated Washable Reusable ( 10 x 2.5 ) . 5micron rated.;This water filter can be washed down and reused for heavy sediment filtering time and time again.;10 Pleated Washable Reusable Sediment Water Filter Cartridge 5 Micron Fits all 10 Water Filter ...

14,49 EUR*
Details A Drinkerýs Guide to Pure Water: Is Your Water Safe

Is the water that pours out of your tap every day pure and safe enough to drink? "A Drinker's Guide to Pure Water: Is Your Water Safe?" thoroughly explores water safety and presents a historical perspective of why we must be concerned. Our water ...

16,99 EUR*
Details Water Gem and Liff Compatible Replacement Water Filter Tap Chrome by Water Gem Liff

Diese Armatur ist mit dem Water Gem Wasserfilter und Liff kits. Er kann mit dem gleichen großen Durchmesser und ist perfekt, um einen bestehenden Liff oder Water Gem tap. im Gegensatz zu den meisten Wasserhähne Diese Armatur ist mit einer integrierten ...

13,49 EUR*
Details Tucson Water

Tucson Water, contains the author's water related email letters to the elected Mayor and Council Members of Tucson, the Tucson Water Department, Tucson Pima Water Study Members, and several governmental agencies. Potable water and reclaimed effluent ...

31,95 EUR*
Details Water Ethics (Earthscan Water Text)

This book introduces the idea that ethics are an intrinsic dimension of any water policy, program, or practice, and that understanding what ethics are being acted out in water policies is fundamental to an understanding of water resource management ...

17,46 EUR*
Details 20 Carbon Block 5mic Water Filter for Reverse Osmosis , Water Fed Role , Stand Alone 20 water filter Housing by The Water Filter Men

'' 20 "Kohle-Block Wasserfilter 20 Carbon-Block-Filter passt auf alle Standard-20" Gehäuse-Filter werden in einer Verpackung geeignet, bis für sie ist diese Filter sind geeignet für kommerzielle Anwendungen wie Filter oder Haushalt hochwertige ...

29,13 EUR*
Details Reverse Osmosis Prefilters 20 Water Filters Set for Water Fed Role / Stand Alone 20 water filter Housings by The Water Filter Men

50,8 cm Ersatz-Wasser-Filter Inhalt.... 2,5 x 50,8 cm 5 Mikron Sediment, (weitere auf Anfrage) 2,5 x 50,8 cm Micron Block Carbon 2,5 x 50,8 cm GAC - hochwertige Filter, Granular-aktiviert passend für alle gängigen 50,8 cm Wasserfilteranlagen 1,2 und ...

5,84 EUR*
Details Rote Sommerspiere Anthony Waterer - Spiraea bumalda Anthony Waterer

Botanischer Name: Spiraea bumalda Anthony Waterer Deutscher Name: Rote Sommerspiere Anthony Waterer Herkunft / Ursprung: Asien und Europa Wuchsform: kleiner dichtbuschiger Zierstrauch mit lanzettlich zugespitzen und frischgrünen Blättern, im Austrieb ...